Develop your second line!

Managers who'll help you build your high performing team and lead it effectively when you're not there

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Jan 4th 2018

9:30am (UK time)


Jan 11th 2018

11:00am (UK time)

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Marianne Page

Marianne enjoyed a successful 27 year career with a business renowned for developing employees, building high performing teams, and effective managers to run them - namely McDonald's.

She now works with business owners who want to free themselves from the day to day, by developing a strong second line - managers who they trust to lead the team and manage the operation, while they're not there.

This is for you if:

You've created managers but have no time to develop them

Good people keep leaving and you don't know why

Your team don't work to the standard you expect

You're losing sleep over daily people issues, often trivial

You want to delegate but you don't trust your manager

You worry how your business is run when you're away

I'll show you:

How to move your team from chaos to consistency

How to develop your manager's people performance mindset

3 things all employees want from their manager

3 Essentials for building a High Performing Team

How to give feedback & why it's so important

How to develop managers you trust to take the helm

"My business now supports my life rather than my life (long hours, no holidays, team issues taking priority over my family) supporting my business"

Heena Thaker

"Marianne helped me develop my managers - giving them the skills & confidence to develop the team"

Jeff Lermer

"She gave me a burst of energy & renewed vision for how my business could scale even faster"

Daniel Priestley

People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers!

In a recent survey of 1400 UK employees, 42% of them had left a job because of a bad boss, and almost a third felt that their current boss was a bad manager. Why is that, and how can you make sure that you don’t add to these awful statistics?

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